5 Best Practices for Salespeople Using WeChat

A lot of clients ask us for the best practices we recommend for using WeChat. It depends on what you are using the platform for. So in our next few posts we will segment and highlight the key WeChat best practices for salespeople, Managers, small business owners and large corporates. 

WeChat 5 best practices for salespeople - Catalyst Agents

Here are the 5 best practices for salespeople on WeChat:

  1. Add your customers to your friend's list. Use WeChat to further your sales prospects by sharing news regarding the latest product launches, pricing, and customer appreciation events. 
  2. Make use of WeChat Tags to make select posts visible to select client segments. For example, if you run a high end boutique and you want to share a WeChat Moment* on new Prada arrivals, you will share this with the client group who have purchased the brand from you before. 
  3. Share DON'T spam. Making use of WeChat Tags keeps you from spamming your client's feeds with 3 posts per day. As with all types of content generation and sharing, keep it non-intrusive. Once per day is recommended. 3 times per day if you are sharing photos/videos on site from a client event. 
  4. Make use of WeChat groups to hype up product launches/preorders and events. Much like chat groups in Whatsapp, you can create a group to invite clients to a customer appreciation event or to announce a new product arrival. The reason why you want to do this is to generate hype within the group - when others see other people are attending or placing preorders, it is likely they will want to do the same. Just take a look at the Merriam-Webster's new addition - Sheeple.
  5. Keep in touch. Your best sales prospect for next year are your clients this year. So even if they haven't visited you in store for a while, make sure to keep a personal touch and send posts to keep in touch - whether it's to celebrate special holidays or birthdays, maintain your presence on the social platform they frequent the most. 

Follow these best practices to make the most of your WeChat sales platform. The end goal is to utilize the functions available to build lasting customer relationships. We see WeChat as an enabler for us to do that with the Chinese audience, the key to success is whether you know how to use the tools effectively for your objective. 

*WeChat Moments are much like a Facebook newsfeed. Friends post instantaneous updates on the feed and you can do the same. Types of media shared on moments include video, photos, articles links and more. One thing to note is when your friends comment on your WeChat Moments, other people cannot see it unless they are also connected with your friend.