Catalyst Agents About Us

That is the reason why Catalyst Agents was born. It started as a single-person consultancy, focused on spotting collaboration opportunities for companies looking for an edge in their marketing strategy. We started Ambassador Programs for fashion brands back when the term "Influencer Marketing" didn't exist, discovered and implemented various collaboration campaigns across industries - such as fashion X real estate; we made real estate sexy, and we can do it for your industry too. 

Having been on the receiving end for various marketing services, we realized there are numerous areas where marketing could be BETTER.

We thought social media content could be more interesting, so we picked up a camera, brought a designer on board and started creating designed profiles on Instagram, profiles that grew by the hundreds and thousands per month through thoughtful content writing and captivating imagery. 

With over 50% of the world's luxury goods being purchased by Chinese consumers, we saw an opportunity to do better outreach for our clients in this attractive market. It started with WeChat, China's #1 social media platform, where we create content, manage campaigns, and help clients navigate the various functions of running their own branded account. Then the western social media platforms caught on, and people started asking for Facebook Ads and Google Ads in Chinese. At first we were responsible solely for setting up and running campaigns without the copywriting, but then with our market knowledge, we knew we could deliver better Chinese ad copy, more tailored for the client's marketing objectives and not just a direct translation. 

This is how our array of services was born. We saw and felt your needs as a client and our goal is to take your brand further by offering all these services under one roof. Our difference is we connect each component of your marketing strategy, whether it be design, photography, copywriting, translation, online and offline marketing to event planning, with experienced marketing minds to ensure consistency. The other, current alternative option is to engage a creative agency + design agency + copywriter + translation agency + online agency + event planners to do this for you and play an intense game of telephone you are unlikely to win. 

It's a painful process but it doesn't have to be. So get in touch with our agents today. It's better over here. 


Our strategy makes conversations easier across cultures for brands, gives them a consistent look and feel in different markets, and bring relevant brands together collaborate on campaigns where 1 + 1 = 3.


Contact us today so we can put you on the fast track.