We have all experienced the power of 'word-of-mouth' marketing, where we form an impression of a brand, product, or service, through the opinions of our friends, family, and colleagues.

Today's social trend where online influencers impact everyday purchasing decisions through their large online networks is essentially taking the 'word-of-mouth' concept, and moving it into the digital space.

While there are already a plethora of agencies and agents representing English influencers in around the world, few have managed to break into the space of Chinese influencers or to figure out the best practices of working with Chinese influencers and how to leverage their online presence.

Why has this been the case? Two key factors.

  1. Language barriers

  2. A lack of in-depth understanding of Chinese consumer behavior - why do they buy? When do they buy? How do they buy? Where do they buy?

Our team's understanding of both western and Chinese culture has helped our clients bridge the gap and answer these strategic questions. Below are examples where we have worked with Chinese influencers to market international brands.


Chinese New Year Collection

Max Mara – Chinese Campaign Weibo

Through our partner Chinese influencer's online network, we marketed Max Mara's Chinese New Year recommended items on the influencer's WeChat and Instagram network, generating over 13,000 IG stories impressions in one day.


Yorkdale Shopping Centre Pop-Up


GRAFF Diamonds, known around the world as 'The King of Diamonds', celebrated their entry into the Canadian market with a pop-up shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, and we worked with a group of 9 Chinese Influencers to arrange a private viewing of the exquisite diamond jewelry from the brand. The goal was to drive foot traffic to the pop-up shop so Toronto residents could get a first look at the coveted pieces before the items moved to the Vancouver boutique (the first one in Canada).

Each of the influencers styled the unique pieces with their fashion looks and shared their recommendations on their social networks. The WeChat article generated over 3000 unique article reads, and Instagram stories generated an average of 2500 - 3000 views per story.



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