Understanding WeChat

WeChat is a fast growing social platform, with multi-functionality incorporating practical uses such as a messenger platform, microblogging newsfeed for business brands, and even an ewallet that allows users to make money transfers, buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms and even train tickets. Everything can be done in-app, which has statistically been shown to drive more conversions when users don’t have to leave the app to perform additional functions. 

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has grown exponentially to become a platform with 1.1 billion registered accounts and 500 million active users. The number of active users has increased by 20 million plus users since the end of 2014. With its core function as a messenger app, users are on it everyday communicating with family, friends and business connections. 

WeChat supports business users to register as a public accounts, which enables them to push feeds to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with after sales service.



Many retail salespeople and even real estate agents delivering personal customer service rely on WeChat as their main communication channel with their clients. This is because the Asian community prefers to receive their news in this format. Rarely do they subscribe to email newsletters or visit a website to find information. Their “daily news” is essentially newsletters they receive from brands on their WeChat account newsfeed.

Our team is able to provide WeChat article content generation support, from strategizing the media plan, storyline for each article, to providing write ups in both English and Chinese for approval, you can rest assured we will help you set up your WeChat presence with ease. Our team is also able to help field WeChat general and sales inquiries for your brand in Chinese, working as an extension of your customer service team. 



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