the #1 chinese social platform

WeChat the world's most popular Chinese social media platform, with multi-functionality incorporating practical uses such as a messenger platform, microblogging newsfeed for business brands, and even an ewallet that allows users to make money transfers, buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms and even train tickets. Everything can be done in-app, which has statistically been shown to drive more conversions when users don’t have to leave the app to perform additional functions. 

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has grown exponentially to become a platform with 1.1 billion registered accounts and 902 million DAILY active users. With its core function as a messenger app, users are on it everyday communicating with family, friends and business connections. 

WeChat supports business users to register as a public accounts, which enables them to push feeds to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with after sales service.



Over the past 3 years, our team has helped over 50 brands and projects in real estate, retail, automobile, food, and hospitality establish their presence on the WeChat platform. Experienced in cross-cultural marketing message delivery to ensure success, we are your go-to cultural advisors to navigate the WeChat platform.

Our team is able to provide WeChat article content generation support, from strategizing the media plan, storyline for each article, to providing write ups in both English and Chinese for approval, you can rest assured we will help you set up your WeChat presence with ease. Our team is also able to help field WeChat general and sales inquiries for your brand in Chinese, working as an extension of your customer service team. 



1) WeChat Content Generation and Account Management - our team has helped over 60 brands market and sell their products / services on WeChat. Our services include content strategy, copywriting and WeChat template design. 

2) WeChat Mini Apps - when you have both WeChat Pay and a WeChat official account set up, you can develop a WeChat Mini App to go with your official account. What that enables you to do is to SELL your products on WeChat, where customers can browse all the products in the mini app and purchase using their WeChat Pay Wallet. From awareness to purchase, it can all happen within WeChat.

3) WeChat Brochures - WeChat brochures can be a great way to distribute branded product / service information to your target audience on WeChat, who can then share amongst their WeChat network. It gives you control over how your brand is presented and offers marketing materials tailored for the channel.

4) WeChat Moments Ads - set up Canada-wide WeChat Moment campaigns for product launches. These ads are displayed in the WeChat newsfeed, much like your Facebook newsfeed.

5) WeChat Advertorials - we have built a network of popular WeChat platforms we work with across Canada, in key cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to reach the Chinese audience in those areas. This can complement your nationwide WeChat Moments Ads by also gaining exposure in the everyday news pieces the Chinese audience reads through WeChat. The advertorials can be shared within WeChat groups and on WeChat personal feeds, augmenting their reach.

6) Chinese Influencer Programs - we can help target popular WeChat and Weibo personalities to have them promote your products, services and events through their extensive following on the Chinese social networks.


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