Weibo is a Chinese social media platform referred to as 'Chinese Twitter'. The format of its posts are also 140 characters but in Chinese. Since its launch in August of 2009, Weibo has secured its position as the social media platform for breaking entertainment news. Celebrities and consumer brands are very active on the platform, treating it as the platform to make official announcements for their career and/or businesses.

For example, when consumer brands sign on new brand ambassadors, the official news is announced on Weibo. New films, movies, actor signings, are also first revealed on this popular Chinese social platform.

Here are some key statistics on the platform:

Weibo Infographic.png

So how can your business use Weibo to reach Chinese consumers? Below are a few case studies highlighting key functions on Weibo and how we have leveraged them to generate results for our clients.

Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver - 10-year Anniversary Giveaway

4500+ Contest Entries

For the hotel's 10-year anniversary in Vancouver, they announced an online giveaway for a 2-night accommodation package at Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong, along with a pair of plane tickets to fly direct from Vancouver to Hong Kong. Valued at over $10,000, this giveaway on Weibo generated over 4500 entries.

Shangri-La Weibo

Lexus Hybrid Weibo Livestream

5000+ Livestream Viewers

Do you really save gas by driving a Hybrid? If so, how much could you potentially save? How does a Hybrid handle differently from a solely gas-powered vehicle? We utilized Weibo's livestream tool to take Lexus' salespeople and the livestream hosts on a test drive broadcasted live on Weibo, where viewers could interact and ask questions about the car. During the 45-minute segment, the hosts and salespeople debunked various myths about hybrid driving, introduced the Lexus hybrid models, and answered questions from the audience.

The 45-minute segment attracted over 5000+ viewers who tuned in to watch.

Lexus Weibo Livestream

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