Chinese Online Content Writer

Job Description

Catalyst Agents is a digital marketing agency specializing in online marketing campaigns and social media content generation in both English and Chinese. We have a successful track record serving clients in the real estate and luxury consumer goods space. We are currently looking for a Content Writer to join our team.

This position involves the following duties:

  • Translating English content into Chinese content for WeChat articles

  • Translating English content into Chinese for online social media posts

  • Communicating with the team on a daily basis to coordinate upcoming work schedules and client content needs

This position can be done remotely and the candidate should possess the following skills:

  • Fluent English language skills

  • Business-level oral and written Mandarin Chinese skills

  • In-depth understanding of the WeChat social media platform an asset

  • Able to work with Word, Google Docs, Google Drive to compose and transmit documents

  • Ability to work independently and efficiently on a remote basis

  • Marketing and/or Communications background preferred

Please email your resume and copy of your previous translation work for our review to Note that during the interview you may be asked to demonstrate your writing abilities by being assigned 30 minutes to write on a given topic.