CASE STUDY || Using Instagram Questions to Drive Engagement

When the Instagram Questions sticker was first released, we were excited to see a new venue for us to engage our client's fans and followers and utilized it as part of our 'Summer Hiking Challenge' campaign for The North Face Vancouver. 

The Hiking Challenge invites our followers to join us in person for a hike to notable scenic spots in Greater Vancouver, and attendees are given a gift as a token of appreciation. We used the Instagram Questions sticker as a teaser to engage our followers prior to launching our Hiking Challenge campaign, asking them to guess where the pictured hike was in our Instagram story (IG Story). 

The Benchmark

Compared to our regular IG story posts, which receives 150 - 200 views, this IG story generated 781 views and 72 responses from our followers trying to guess which hike it was. The follow-up stories where we shared some of the responses from our followers also got 560 views. It also helped to drive impressions to our Instagram content, where we saw an increase of 3322 impressions from the week prior.

How can you use IG Stories to increase your engagement? 

  1. Ask your followers timely questions. For example, "Heading to Montreal next weekend - what's there to do in town?" OR "On a hunt for the best pasta for tonight's dinner, where would you recommend?"
  2. Make it relevant to your brand. If you run an ice cream shop you might want to engage your followers to help you name the new flavor. "Name our new flavor with these ingredients: Rum, Hazelnut and Vanilla" with a photo of the new flavor as the visual.

In short, people are open to sharing their ideas with you, but it's up to you to make it fun, inquisitive and engaging. As social platforms make it harder and harder for you to get organic engagement, these stickers are a great way to get some insightful feedback from your fans on your products and services!

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