CASE STUDY || How Lexus Leveraged Popular Weibo Platforms to Market Their Hybrid Vehicles

How much do you know about hybrid cars? 

For most of us, the extent of our knowledge begins and ends with 'it helps me save money on gas by using less gas'.

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True to Regency Lexus' goal of helping customers make an informed decision, we put together a livestream broadcast to educate potential customers on hybrid cars. The livestream took place over one-hour, with the Weibo influencer platform doing a test drive of the Lexus NX 300h hybrid model, driving around town to test out the various features of the car. Two of the Sales Advisors from the Regency Lexus team went along in the ride to answer any burning questions from the livestream audience. 


-5650 livestream viewers
- 29 comments / questions

You can watch the full video of the livestream broadcast here. The livestream is casual and engaging, answering the various questions users have about hybrid cars and also specifically the Lexus model they were test driving. 

This is a much more authentic way of interacting with customers versus sending out a sales poster. The engaging format also assists in brand recall, tying the awareness to the Regency Lexus brand. 

If you would like to explore whether a Weibo livestream would work for you, feel free to contact us through our Contact Form.