CHINESE INFLUENCERS || How Can They Build Your Business?

Collaborations with influencers on western social media is maturing, as platforms rush to put in  regulations and policies to manage the flurry of sponsored content appearing on their platform. 

With our recent blog post on the uprising of WeChat Pay, with its astonishing over $12 Trillion transactions in 2017, retailers outside of China must consider WeChat marketing and WeChat Pay as an integral component of their marketing strategy, as China tourists, along with their mobile WeChat wallets, are making purchases in retail stores and online shops around the world. 

Today we take a look at how your business can market your business online to the Chinese consumer by collaborating with Chinese Influencers. Just like western influencers exist on Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest amongst other social platforms, Chinese Influencers are active on WeChat and Weibo - the main social media platforms in China. 


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What types of influencers are there in China?

Within the Chinese Influencer category, there are the expected groups such as celebrities, lifestyle and fashion bloggers, groups who share common interests, and Wanghong. The last category deserves special attention.

Wanghong, Popular Online Personalities, are a special Influencer segment in China. They represent the new generation in China who have a plentiful disposable income, outstanding physical appearance, showcase a unique personality, and want to broadcast their life story to their followers. They do this through online streaming of their daily lives via social apps such as 17, Mei Pai, and other platforms. Followers are content watching these Wanghong go about their daily lives, consuming their breakfast, lunch or dinner, and sharing their opinions on lifestyle, travel, and the latest trends.


Why should I work with Chinese influencers

In China, to say that influencers have a strong impact would be an understatement. They exert influence on their hoards of followers, who want to mirror their actions and style in every possible way.

Influencers are seen as authoritative figures in China, especially when it comes to dictating what their followers will consume, whether it's luxury goods, beauty products, or where they go for dinner. Influencers bridge the trust gap between businesses and customers, as they provide live, educational demonstrations of various products on their popular social accounts. Much like how Youtube stars create beauty tutorials, makeup and fashion styling tutorials, Chinese influencers create similar content on Chinese platforms; knowing where to find them and how their business process works is the challenge.

Influencers are careful about the companies they associate with, as they work to carefully craft and maintain their public image. An international Chinese celebrity was once involved in a fake promotion scandal where they represented a shampoo brand, triggering the repercussion of China advertising laws. 


An Exclusive Influencer Program

We've done the legwork for you, as Chinese social media platforms are not the easiest for international brands to navigate, especially when the internal team is not familiar with the language or the business methods and expectations of a Chinese Influencer. We have curated our roster of Chinese influencers from fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, cosmetics, luxury goods, and more. For brands looking for an extra boost for their new product launch or sales event, our roster of influencers can help your brand reach the right audience within the vast sea of Chinese consumers.


Why An Influencer Program?

Catalyst Agents is a Canadian marketing firm. Our client categories are extensive, ranging from high-end international retail brands, to luxury hospitality, premium real estate and art exhibitions. We have helped many Western companies successfully enter and promote themselves in the Chinese marketplace.

Our influencer program is a win-win for both our client brands and social influencers, and our goal is to help the world-class brands build successful long-term relationships with influencers.

Amongst our Chinese Influencer marketing services, we offer: Influencer Talent Management, Influencer Marketing Strategy, Influencer Event Management, Influencer Live Streaming Campaign Management.


Our Criteria for Selecting Chinese Influencers

Our Chinese Influencers all have a verified following of over 10K followers on Weibo, WeChat, or other Chinese social media platform. The Chinese Influencer maintains an active profile and draws high engagement from their following by posting original, attractive content. 

For those interested in applying for our Influencer program, please visit to fill in an application form to get the process started. Our team will be in touch to go through the verification process with you. 


Want to Work with Chinese Influencers?

Send us a message with your marketing requirements at and our team will be in touch to help connect you with the right Chinese Influencer to market your business!