PHOTOGRAPHY || Beauty in the Raw

As we explore the various realms of photography, we have come to realize that our expertise lies in food and lifestyle photography, not because we lack the skills or tools to engage in architecture or landscape photography, but because we are passionate about the beauty in a raw image, where items are placed naturally, where light falls naturally, and we the emotion captured in a candid shot feels like we've immortalized a moment. 

The photos above were taken for Pendulum Magazine, capturing moments of people quietly enjoying their food, service staff interacting with a customer...there is a different type of raw beauty in capturing such everyday moments; while we admire photographers who have perfected their product / sports / landscape photography skills, it is such everyday moments that stir our creativity. 

We take great joy in using our photography to tell the story of a restaurant, not just through the food, but also through the stories of people who dine there, the story of the owner, and the story of the food and menu through its design. 

The above photos are from our visit to Anh and Chi restaurant on Main and 16th, where co-owner Amelie shared the story the restaurant's startup phase, the building of the tight-knit team who treat each other like family, and the numerous hours her mom spends perfecting each family-style dish in the kitchen.

If you want us to tell your brand's story through photos, get in touch here. For more samples of our photography, head over to Pendulum Magazine, where our photographers capture the stories of brands, entrepreneurs, artists and interiors.