CASE STUDY: Timely WeChat Topics to Improve Article Performance - Regency Lexus

One key success factor to using WeChat advertorials is to make your content a timely and welcomed read for the target audience. For example, our client Regency Lexus had recently launched their branded WeChat account, and was wondering how they could build a presence on the platform.

After an analysis of the client brand and values, we determined we would focus on their core strengths of after sales service and helping their clients make an informed decision on their car purchase. Making an informed decision means taking the time to explain pertinent details of the car and giving recommendations for the benefit of the client instead of making the car purchase transactional. 

With this in mind, we crafted a WeChat campaign explaining the difference between snow tires and winter tires and how the two perform differently in winter weather conditions. As expected, the article was shared over 70 times with only one advertorial placement, and read over 1600 times. When we released this article, the city was worrying about upcoming subzero temperatures and a snowstorm. Releasing an article on the topic to educate readers on the benefits of getting proper tires for the season proved to be timely and relevant. 

This increased our client's following tenfold, and acted as a great springboard for their subsequent content. The advertorial also spurred other competitors to follow suit and begin writing on topics to educate their car clientele, which means even the industry was in agreement with the approach. 

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