WeChat Brochures for Real Estate Project Marketing

Reality check. Most WeChat users don't like to leave the app, so asking them to click a link that redirects to another browser is the same as committing 'conversion suicide'. 

So what are some innovative ways for real estate developers and marketers to get through to the desired audience to see if they are interested enough to engage in additional 'clicks'?

On the WeChat platform, QR codes are king, so that's the first thing you need to wrap your head around. So how can you use QR codes to track the additional layer of engagement beyond just reading your WeChat advertorial on the platform? 

Choose an action! Do you want them to:

  1. Scan a QR code to add your salesperson on WeChat for sales inquiries?
  2. Scan a QR code to visit your website? Which may be in English and not Chinese? Understand that if you are advertising on a Chinese-only platform, your landing page should be in Chinese. 
  3. Scan a QR code to view a WeChat brochure? We're going to expand on this one. 

WeChat Brochure - Why Real Estate?

Avalon 3 by Wesgroup Properties - WeChat Brochure.

Realtors often make up the majority of the people who attend the project previews and grand openings, taking photos on their phone and the showrooms and distributing these photos to their sales prospects via WeChat. Most realtors are good at selling, and aren't photographers, so the photos wouldn't have the optimal lighting, composition, etc. that you, the developer or the project marketer would have in mind. 

Beautiful lead in pages and mobile optimized, legible writing.

The WeChat Brochure is one of the methods for you to gain back control of your brand on WeChat. 

With a WeChat Brochure, it functions within the WeChat platform, isn't a PDF brochure where readers have to zoom in and out to see the details, and most importantly, allows you to provide WeChat-friendly materials for distribution on the platform.

Legible floor plans with easy-to-read descriptions.

Visitors to your sales events and/or sales centre can scan the QR code to get the WeChat Brochure, and they can then forward this to their clients, friends, colleagues via WeChat message or on their personal newsfeed. 

An efficient and elegant solution for real estate developers to market presale projects and retain control over the brand on WeChat - the #1 Chinese social media platform. 

How It Works

To see how a WeChat Brochure looks, simply scan either one of the QR codes below using the built-in QR code scanner in the WeChat mobile app to view brochures for Avalon 3 by Wesgroup and Polaris by Transca Development.

Readers can then share this brochure on WeChat in private chat groups, messages, and on their personal newsfeed to help promote your brand on WeChat.

What to Include in Your WeChat Brochure

So what should be included in a WeChat Brochure? We recommend the following elements for a WeChat brochure.

  • Company / Developer background - brief paragraph
  • Architect Bio
  • Interior Design Firm - brief paragraph
  • Feature floor plans - Chinese investors like to see one bedroom, one bedroom + den, and at most 2 bedrooms because beyond that it's harder for them to rent out. 
  • Starting prices - the numbers
  • Ways to contact your sales team - insert the QR code for your Chinese sales personnel so they can scan and get in touch.

Beautiful integration of showroom photos and renderings, making the most of your visual assets.