Marketing: How To Sell Anything to Anyone

Catalyst Agents how to sell anything to anyone

In our #1MinMarketing segment on Youtube and Instagram today the topic was how to sell anything to anyone. Sounds like quite the feat right? Actually it's quite simple and you only need to figure out two key components. 

  1. What are the features of my product / service?
  2. Which of these features matter to the buyer?
Catalyst Agents how to sell anything to anyone 2

That's it. So know what the benefits are of your product / service and also why your target buyer would want your product.

For example: 

  1. Selling a green pen: This is a colourful green pen that's made in Japan and only costs a dollar. There are 3 key benefits here. If you buyer loves coloured pens, you lead with that as your selling point.
  2. Selling a travel book: This is a travel guide for the city of Tokyo, Japan. It separates each section into activities for your to explore, with 5 walking trails around quaint city areas and 20+ design and architectural spots for you to experience design like a local. This stands out compared to a regular travel book segmented into neighbourhoods. 
  3. Selling a home: This is a property that has a waterfront view and is located next to a golf course. Across the street there are 15 local eateries each serving up an authentic cuisine. If your client is a foodie, sell the food! If your client loves being close to nature and appreciates the waterfront view - you know what to sell!

These two elements apply to anything that you want to sell. The rebuttal we often get when we share this tip is 'what if I don't know what my customers want'? Then ASK them!

What Matters Most to You When Making A Purchase?

There. Was that so hard? Once they give you a response, whether it's price, service, location, after sales service, gifts with purchase or whatever it is that drives their purchase decision, hone in on that and close the deal.