5 Best Practices For Small Businesses Using WeChat

First of all, how do people run small businesses on WeChat? Here are a few examples of what's possible on WeChat:

5 Best Practices for Small Businesses Using WeChat
  1. Lunch Ordering Service: Daily changing menu of homemade lunches are sold on WeChat. Customers order by sending direct messages to the business owner and can pay using the bank account or credit card tied to their WeChat accounts. They can also pay in cash in person upon pickup. 
  2. Retail Shop Owners - small business owners who own 1-3 stores use WeChat to promote their new product arrivals. The account type they use are usually personal accounts, set up using the business mobile number, with the account profile and avatar using the company's branding. Customers interested in purchasing the product comment on these updates in WeChat Moments, asking for details such as pricing and sizing. As the deals progress, conversations are moved to direct messaging for privacy purposes. 
  3. Afternoon Tea Reservations: For a boutique cake shop experiencing high demand, they set up a WeChat account to allow customers to preorder cakes, so they don't arrive disappointed when the cakes are sold out. 

Those are just a few of the many ways small businesses use WeChat, and here are our 5 best practices for small business owners to make the most of WeChat:

  1. HYPE Your Products. We have seen some retailers do they extremely well. They would share a WeChat Moment announcing the arrival of limited edition stock, list the sizing available and ask clients to request orders in the comments. Within half an hour they are usually sold out of the item. 
  2. Be Responsive. When small businesses set up their WeChat presence as a personal WeChat account, the expectation for a response is much quicker than a corporate account. So make sure to stay active on your business WeChat account during business hours so you don't lose out on a sale!
  3. Capture Every Prospect! Have your WeChat QR Code prominently displayed at your cash register - your best prospect for next year's sales is this year's customers!
  4. Keep Customers Engaged. Have periodic giveaways and WeChat specific discounts for your customers on WeChat, to keep them coming back. 
  5. Manage The Logistics. Sealing the deal on WeChat for a sale is not the be all end all; make sure the after sales service, ie. the delivery/pickup, is seamless as well. If you are shipping a product, provide accurate estimates of when the customer can expect it to arrive, and if you are dropping off/picking up, let them know the time slots when you will be in store. Nothing is more annoying than misleading delivery/pickup times because it puts your customer in limbo. 

Follow our 5 best practices for setting up your own WeChat business and you will see the difference it has on your business! Read our other WeChat Best Practice Guides if you want to find out more about the fastest growing social platform in the world. If you want more professional help, guidance or training, our team is available to help you get started to put your best foot forward. Contact our team today by visiting this page.