WeChat's 'Top Stories' Function - What Articles Make The List?

Many of us who are familiar with the various functions on english social media know that 'discovery' within an app is a huge factor in keeping users within the app - the more interesting things they can find to do within the app, the longer time they are going to spend there and the better the numbers look for the company.

Catalyst Agents WeChat Top Stories Function

WeChat on the other hand, has managed to integrate in daily NEEDS into the app, such as paying for bills, buying train tickets, splitting dinner bills with friends, banking, to ensure their users spend the majority of their time on the app. In fact, with all the practical functionalities within WeChat, users don't really need any other apps. 

Now, WeChat has added a function (for overseas users this is a recent addition), called 'Top Stories', where you can view the latest hit stories on WeChat. There are several categories of articles that make it into this feed: Stories your friends are reading, stories from WeChat accounts you subscribe to that are popular, and other popular WeChat articles that you may not be following but is popular in the WeChat sphere. 

So, in order for you to get your WeChat account's article to show on the Top Stories newsfeed, the article can be:

1/ popular amongst your friends on WeChat - WeChat assumes you want to read what your friends are reading

2/ popular on WeChat subscription accounts that you already follow - WeChat assumes if you follow the account you are interested in what's popular on those channels

3/ popular on the general public WeChat network - WeChat assumes you want to know what's trending overall on the WeChat platform, much like how Twitter will show you a list of hashtags that are trending

If you have your own WeChat account, make sure to encourage your friends and colleagues to read the articles you post to boost it in the Top Stories Feed!