We are big believers of leveraging positive brand associations through collaborations for a win-win situation. Imagine if you want your brand to have an athletic, healthy image – what brand would you want to partner with? How about Lululemon? If you want a posh and sophisticated brand perception – we would set you up with brands like GUCCI or Tiffany & Co.

We are the brand matchmakers. The results of our collaborations are two stronger brands compared to each standalone brand before the connection. We paint the brand picture for your clients through sourcing on-point collaborative partners.




Our strength is in our ability to merge the online and offline brand experience with our digital marketing and event planning expertise. Often our clients would have one agency handling their online marketing and another preparing their offline brand experiences such as the grand opening; unfortunately, a branding disconnect is often evident from these two separate investments. Because we have a diverse team of talents, we can integrate your campaign strategy to align with your vision & goals, achieving a consistent experience for your target audience.


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The current process usually involves 3 different agencies to adapt a marketing message to a new market - the creative/branding agency, the graphic design agency and the translation agency. Often times it is similar to playing a game of telephone, the messaging is understood and interpreted in slightly different ways by each party, resulting in a skewed portrayal of your message. We centralize these tasks into one agency to help you craft a successful cross cultural campaign.

Our communications specialists have over 30 years of experience in journalism, media production and advertising messaging spanning languages from Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.